Climate Change Meets Natural History

Ecology_Letter_CoverIt is fitting that an “Idea and Perspective” that I co-author with Alex has made its debut in Ecology Letters at a time in which climate change finds itself on the cover of most major newspapers and a subject commonly mentioned in the US presidential campaign. The paper, entitled “A conceptual framework for understanding thermal constraints on ectotherm activity with implications for predicting responses to global change,” nicely illustrates the importance of having boots on the ground to measure variables at scales relevant to the species in question, or in other words, of doing natural history work in order to inform climate change models. You can read more about this paper in our blog.

Congrats to Ellee


Ellee and Knotchie

Our own Ellee has been selected to represent the Biology Graduate Students in the University of Missouri’s Graduate Student Leadership Development Program. As part of this system-wide program, she will be collaborating with doctoral students from the UM campuses to engage in professional development and leadership training. These activities will take place at each of the different campuses over the course of next year, and she promises to send post-cards from her epic travels to Kansas City, Rolla, and St. Louis.

Leal Lab Moves to MU

three people standing in front of Mizzou tiger

Elle Cook, Manuel Leal, Eddie Ramirez

After some time away from home, I am finally back in Missouri, now as a faculty member at the University of Missouri, Columbia. This is an extraordinarily exciting time for the Chipojo Lab, which currently consists of myself, Ellee Cook, and Edward Ramirez. At Mizzou we are joining the  Division of Biological Sciences which includes a dynamic group of labs studying animal behavior and evolutionary ecology. We hope that our arrival here at Mizzou can broaden what is already an impressively broad research program in animal communication, which includes work on acoustic, vibratory, and visual signals.

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